About 2SnapsUp Photography:

What I am about is that I am a photographer that is into images, and what I can create with my camera. I try to capture the moment using the natural environment and specialize in low light imaging.

If I offer to shoot your band and post them to my website, I am offering to provide you a service. If you like the photos and wish to have them, please license them. If you don’t like them tell me to take them down. It is no different than a “sample” of my work.

If you decide to license them, we will negotiate rights of usage based on if they are for promotional use or are for use on items that are for sale.

Since an artist or performer has protection under the United States copyright laws, I can only license the photographs to the bands, a news agency, or for personal use covered under the “Fine Art” section of the United States Copyright laws.

When my website started, its original intent was nothing more than an online portfolio and it kept growing as I got more invitations to shoot at different places, and my persistence to photograph exciting events.

People have often heard me say that I can be the best photographer in the world but no one wants to see time lapse photos of my plants growing in my living room. You have to leave the house and make friends, cover the scene, and not screw people over.

My goal is to license quality images to bands at a fair price, or when I can, to the publications that send me out on assignments, have a little fun enjoying the music, meet some interesting people, all the while getting out of the house and letting the house plants die.