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Local and National Bandlist Oct 2011 - Dec 2011
Pictures Location Date Bandsite
Kenny Olson Cartel Magic Bag 12/29/2011 Kenny Olson Cartel
The Reefermen Magic Bag 12/29/2011 The Reefermen
Brandon Calhoon Magic Bag 12/29/2011 Brandon Calhoon
Bodymath Orchid 12/17/2011 Bodymath
Locus Orchid 12/17/2011 Locus
Evans Blue Emerald Theatre 12/10/2011 Evans Blue
Pistol Day Parade Emerald Theatre 12/10/2011 Pistol Day Parade
The Definition Emerald Theatre 12/10/2011 The Definition
Dirty Americans Emerald Theatre 12/10/2011 Dirty Americans
Ballz Deluxe The Crofoot 12/09/2011 Ballz Deluxe
Ghosts Of August The Crofoot 12/09/2011 Ghosts Of August
Bloodline Riot The Crofoot 12/09/2011 Bloodline Riot
Allcoy The Crofoot 12/09/2011 Allcoy
The Black Hat Trio The Crofoot 12/09/2011 The Black Hat Trio
Orbitsuns The New Dodge 11/26/2011 Orbitsuns
Rattletrap The New Dodge 11/26/2011 Rattletrap
The Robin Moore Band The New Dodge 11/26/2011 The Robin Moore Band
Hillneck Redbillies The New Dodge 11/26/2011 Hillneck Redbillies
Uncle Kracker Royal Oak Music Theatre 11/25/2011 Uncle Kracker
Sonia Leigh Royal Oak Music Theatre 11/25/2011 Sonia Leigh
Doop and the Inside Outlaws Royal Oak Music Theatre 11/25/2011 Doop and the Inside Outlaws
Annabelle Road Royal Oak Music Theatre 11/25/2011 Annabelle Road
Critical Bill Emerald Theatre 11/24/2011 Critical Bill
Dirty Americans Emerald Theatre 11/24/2011 Dirty Americans
Odayin Emerald Theatre 11/24/2011 Odayin
Mic Lordz & Sauce Funky Emerald Theatre 11/24/2011 Mic Lordz & Sauce Funky
Crud The Ritz 11/23/2011 Crud
Citizen Zero The Ritz 11/23/2011 Citizen Zero
Social Fever The Ritz 11/23/2011 Social Fever
A.S.S. The Ritz 11/23/2011 A.S.S.
Chaos Theory Emerald Theatre 11/19/2011 Chaos Theory
Hell Rides North Emerald Theatre 11/19/2011 Hell Rides North
Mound Road Engine Emerald Theatre 11/19/2011 Mound Road Engine
Redfield Burning Emerald Theatre 11/19/2011 Redfield Burning
Ictus Emerald Theatre 11/19/2011 Ictus
Sordid Circle Emerald Theatre 11/19/2011 Sordid Circle
Execrate Emerald Theatre 11/19/2011 Execrate
Bret Michaels Emerald Theatre 11/12/2011 Bret Michaels
JoCaine Emerald Theatre 11/12/2011 JoCaine
Artificial Agent Emerald Theatre 11/12/2011 Artificial Agent
Monkey Grinder Emerald Theatre 11/12/2011 Monkey Grinder
Crud Russell Industrial Center 10/07/2011 Crud
HafLife Russell Industrial Center 10/07/2011 HafLife
Twisted Witch The Token Lounge 10/07/2011 Twisted Witch
Gypsyhawk The Token Lounge 10/07/2011 Gypsyhawk
I Decline The Token Lounge 10/07/2011 I Decline
Dark Avenger The Token Lounge 10/07/2011 Dark Avenger
Critical Bill The Hayloft 10/01/2011 Critical Bill
Rolling Machine The Hayloft 10/01/2011 Rolling Machine
Hall Road High The Hayloft 10/01/2011 Hall Road High
Chaos Theory The Hayloft 10/01/2011 Chaos Theory
Cybertrybe The Hayloft 10/01/2011 Cybertrybe
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