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Local and National Bandlist Oct 2010 - Dec 2010
Pictures Location Date Bandsite
Sponge The Ritz 12/18/2010 Sponge
The Fabulous Miss Wendy The Ritz 12/18/2010 The Fabulous Miss Wendy
60 Second Crush The Ritz 12/18/2010 60 Second Crush
Elipzis The Ritz 12/18/2010 Elipzis
Fillmore Slim The Ritz 12/18/2010 Fillmore Slim
Mound Road Engine The Ritz 12/18/2010 Mound Road Engine
Circus Boy Mario's 12/11/2010 Circus Boy
Chaos Theory Emerald Theatre 12/04/2010 Chaos Theory
Hell Rides North Emerald Theatre 12/04/2010 Hell Rides North
Mound Road Engine Emerald Theatre 12/04/2010 Mound Road Engine
Burn The Hearse Emerald Theatre 12/04/2010 Burn The Hearse
Aventity Emerald Theatre 12/04/2010 Aventity
Mob Local Emerald Theatre 12/04/2010 Mob Local
Black Dawn Emerald Theatre 12/04/2010 Black Dawn
Lies Unknown The Hayloft 12/03/2010 Lies Unknown
The Fabulous Miss Wendy The Hayloft 12/03/2010 The Fabulous Miss Wendy
The Christina Chriss Band The Hayloft 12/03/2010 The Christina Chriss Band
Neon Escape The Hayloft 12/03/2010 Neon Escape
Konniption Fit The Hayloft 12/03/2010 Konniption Fit
Lukas Rossi The Hayloft 11/27/2010 Lukas Rossi
JTX The Hayloft 11/27/2010 JTX
Jiva The Hayloft 11/27/2010 Jiva
Neon Escape The Hayloft 11/27/2010 Neon Escape
Paulina J. The Hayloft 11/27/2010  
Critical Bill Emerald Theatre 11/25/2010 Critical Bill
BWNN Emerald Theatre 11/25/2010 BWNN
Lithium Emerald Theatre 11/25/2010 Lithium
Christina Chriss Emerald Theatre 11/25/2010 Christina Chriss
Hell Rides North The Hayloft 11/19/2010 Hell Rides North
Abandon The Hayloft 11/19/2010 Abandon
Ray Street Park The Hayloft 11/19/2010 Ray Street Park
Panic Trigger The Hayloft 11/19/2010 Panic Trigger
Crud The Ritz 11/13/2010 Crud
The Octopus The Ritz 11/13/2010 The Octopus
34 Bliss Emerald Theatre 11/13/2010 34 Bliss
Hatch Emerald Theatre 11/13/2010 Hatch
The Definition Emerald Theatre 11/13/2010 The Definition
Echo Chamber The Ritz 10/30/2010  
Soot The Ritz 10/30/2010 Soot
Streetlight Sanctuary The Ritz 10/30/2010 Streetlight Sanctuary
770 The Ritz 10/30/2010 770
Soot The Tap Room 10/29/2010 Soot
The Grubles The Tap Room 10/29/2010
Whitey Morgan and the 78's Magic Bag 10/15/2010 Whitey Morgan and the 78's
Horse Cave Trio Magic Bag 10/15/2010 Horse Cave Trio
Katie Grace & The Cases Magic Bag 10/15/2010 Katie Grace & The Cases
Eddie Francis & Freight Train Magic Bag 10/15/2010 Eddie Francis & Freight Train
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