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Local and National Bandlist Apr 2010 - Jun 2010
Pictures Location Date Bandsite
Lost Angels The Hayloft 06/25/2010 Lost Angels
Impossible Tuesday The Hayloft 06/25/2010 Impossible Tuesday
Gift of Impact The Hayloft 06/25/2010 Gift of Impact
Shock Wave The Hayloft 06/25/2010 Shock Wave
Carolyn Striho Group Magic Bag 06/18/2010 Carolyn Striho Group
Stewart Francke Band Magic Bag 06/18/2010 Stewart Francke Band
Gilby Clarke The Hayloft 06/04/2010 Gilby Clarke
Dirty Whiskey The Hayloft 06/04/2010 Dirty Whiskey
Six Shooter The Hayloft 06/04/2010 Six Shooter
Impossible Tuesday The Hayloft 06/04/2010 Impossible Tuesday
Taproot The Hayloft 05/22/2010 Taproot
Anew Revolution The Hayloft 05/22/2010 Aew Revolution
Ice Nine Kills The Hayloft 05/22/2010 Ice Nine Kills
Destrophy The Hayloft 05/22/2010 Destrophy
StellarDrive The Hayloft 05/21/2010 StellarDrive
Ty Stone Saint Andrews Hall 05/15/2010 Ty Stone
Grayling Saint Andrews Hall 05/15/2010 Grayling
Robots In The Garden Saint Andrews Hall 05/15/2010 Robots In The Garden
The Infatuations Saint Andrews Hall 05/15/2010 The Infatuations
Highwater Saint Andrews Hall 05/15/2010 Highwater
The Deadstring Brothers Magic Bag 04/16/2010 The Deadstring Brothers
The Sun Messengers The Fillmore Detroit 04/16/2010 The Sun Messengers
Critical Bill The Fillmore Detroit 04/16/2010 Critical Bill
The Hell Drivers The Fillmore Detroit 04/16/2010 The Hell Drivers
James Jamerson Jr. Band The Fillmore Detroit 04/16/2010 James Jamerson Jr. Band
Muruga Booker The Fillmore Detroit 04/16/2010 Muruga Booker
Timmy's Organism Painted Lady 04/10/2010 Timmy's Organism
Bootsey X and The Lovemasters Painted Lady 04/10/2010 Bootsey X and The Lovemasters
The Meltdowns Painted Lady 04/10/2010 The Meltdowns
Space Heaters Painted Lady 04/10/2010 Space Heaters
Dale Beavers Painted Lady 04/10/2010 Dale Beavers
The Almost Boners Painted Lady 04/10/2010  
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