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Local and National Bandlist Jul 2009 - Sep 2009
Pictures Location Date Bandsite
Richy Nix The Hayloft 09/19/2009 Richy Nix
MAB The Hayloft 09/19/2009 MAB
Bat On Fire The Hayloft 09/19/2009 Bat On Fire
60 Second Crush Madison's 09/19/2009 60 Second Crush
Gun Shy The Hayloft 09/19/2009 Gun Shy
MicLordz and Sauce Funky The Hayloft 09/19/2009 MicLordz and Sauce Funky
Killin' Time The Hayloft 09/19/2009 Killin' Time
The Big Pink Black The Hayloft 09/18/2009 The Big Pink Black
Ghosts of August The Hayloft 09/18/2009 Ghosts of August
Seasons Of Eden The Hayloft 09/18/2009 Seasons Of Eden
Inflextion The Hayloft 09/18/2009 Inflextion
Shram The Hayloft 09/18/2009 Shram
Nine8Stall The Hayloft 09/18/2009 Nine8Stall
Detroit Voodoo The Hayloft 09/18/2009 Detroit Voodoo
Crud Emerald Theatre 09/17/2009 Crud
Hush Emerald Theatre 09/17/2009 Hush
BWNN Emerald Theatre 09/17/2009 BWNN
StellarDrive Emerald Theatre 09/17/2009 StellarDrive
Cody Stagefright Emerald Theatre 09/17/2009 Cody Stagefright
Puddle Of Mud Arts, Beats, and Eats 09/07/2009 Puddle Of Mud
Critical Bill Arts, Beats, and Eats 09/07/2009 Critical Bill
Cold The Hayloft 08/29/2009 Cold
Taproot The Hayloft 08/29/2009 Taproot
Midnight To Twelve The Hayloft 08/29/2009 Midnight To Twelve
Soul Asylum DTE Energy Music Theatre 08/27/2009 Soul Asylum
Seven Mary Three DTE Energy Music Theatre 08/27/2009 Seven Mary Three
Sponge DTE Energy Music Theatre 08/27/2009 Sponge
Framing Hanley The Hayloft 08/23/2009 Framing Hanley
Dismantle The Hayloft 08/23/2009 Dismantle
Infrastar The Hayloft 08/23/2009 Infrastar
Lies Unknown The Hayloft 08/23/2009 Lies Unknown
Curbstone Beauty The Hayloft 08/23/2009 Curbstone Beauty
The Pilz The Hayloft 08/23/2009 The Pilz
Misery Show The Hayloft 08/23/2009 Misery Show
Impossible Tuesday The Hayloft 08/23/2009 Impossible Tuesday
So Much For Simple The Hayloft 08/23/2009 So Much For Simple
Maceri The Hayloft 08/23/2009 Maceri
Know Lyfe The Hayloft 08/23/2009 Know Lyfe
Critical Bill The Hayloft 08/22/2009 Critical Bill
StellarDrive The Hayloft 08/22/2009 StellarDrive
BWNN The Hayloft 08/22/2009 BWNN
Herd The Hayloft 08/22/2009 Herd
Ghosts Of August The Hayloft 08/22/2009 Ghosts Of August
Killin' Time The Hayloft 08/22/2009 Killin' Time
facture The Hayloft 08/22/2009 facture
Cody Stagefright The Hayloft 08/22/2009 Cody Stagefright
Akrylik Sun The Hayloft 08/22/2009 Akrylik Sun
NAHGMA The Hayloft 08/22/2009 NAHGMA
D'SKREET The Hayloft 08/22/2009 D'SKREET
Ruins Of Tomorrow The Hayloft 08/22/2009 Ruins Of Tomorrow
Detroit Voodoo The Hayloft 08/22/2009 Detroit Voodoo
Frontline Mentality The Hayloft 08/22/2009 Frontline Mentality
The Fake Take The Hayloft 08/22/2009 The Fake Take
Mound Road Engine The Hayloft 08/22/2009 Mound Road Engine
Battlecross The Hayloft 08/22/2009 Battlecross
Soul Preacher The Hayloft 08/22/2009 Soul Preacher
Smile Empty Soul The Hayloft 08/21/2009 Smile Empty Soul
Dirty Americans The Hayloft 08/21/2009 Dirty Americans
Hell Rides North The Hayloft 08/21/2009 Hell Rides North
Inflextion The Hayloft 08/21/2009 Inflextion
Lithium The Hayloft 08/21/2009 Lithium
Almost Free The Hayloft 08/21/2009 Almost Free
Matt Austin Band The Hayloft 08/21/2009 Matt Austin Band
Dymondbak The Hayloft 08/21/2009 Dymondbak
Avarice The Hayloft 08/21/2009 Avarice
Seasons Of Eden The Hayloft 08/21/2009 Seasons Of Eden
Regular People The Hayloft 08/21/2009 Regular People
Maceri The Hayloft 08/15/2009 Maceri
Lies Unknown The Hayloft 08/15/2009 Lies Unknown
Pillar Of Autumn The Hayloft 08/15/2009 Pillar Of Autumn
Curbstone Beauty The Hayloft 08/15/2009 Curbstone Beauty
Godsmack DTE Energy Music Theatre 08/15/2009 Godsmack
Theory Of A Deadman DTE Energy Music Theatre 08/15/2009 Theory Of A Deadman
Rev Theory DTE Energy Music Theatre 08/15/2009 Rev Theory
Drowning Pool DTE Energy Music Theatre 08/15/2009 Drowning Pool
Shram DTE Energy Music Theatre 08/15/2009 Shram
Nine8Stall The Hayloft 08/01/2009 Nine8Stall
Shotgun Opera The Hayloft 08/01/2009 Shotgun Opera
Soul Circus The Hayloft 08/01/2009 Soul Circus
Reality Drift The Hayloft 08/01/2009 Reality Drift
Trygemany The Hayloft 08/01/2009 Trygemany
Soul Circus The Dawg House 07/10/2009 Soul Circus
JoCaine The Hayloft 07/10/2009 JoCaine
BWNN The Hayloft 07/10/2009 BWNN
The Christina Chriss Band The Hayloft 07/10/2009 The Christina Chriss Band
Levi Moore And The Difference The Hayloft 07/10/2009 Levi Moore And The Difference
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