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Local and National Bandlist Jan 2009 - Mar 2009
Pictures Location Date Bandsite
Shram Magic Bag 03/27/2009 Shram
The Matt Austin Band Magic Bag 03/27/2009 The Matt Austin Band
The Barefoot Girls Magic Bag 03/27/2009 The Barefoot Girls
Critical Bill The Hayloft 03/14/2009 Critical Bill
Dismantle The Hayloft 03/14/2009 Dismantle
Lies Unknown The Hayloft 03/14/2009 Lies Unknown
StellarDrive The Hayloft 03/14/2009 StellarDrive
The Detroit Cobras Knights of Columbus 03/07/2009 The Detroit Cobras
The Readies Knights of Columbus 03/07/2009 The Readies
Gorvette Knights of Columbus 03/07/2009 Gorvette
Magic Shop Knights of Columbus 03/07/2009 Magic Shop
Jennie Knaggs and The Sure Shots The New Dodge 03/07/2009 Jennie Knaggs and The Sure Shots
The Oscillating Fan Club Paychecks 03/07/2009 The Oscillating Fan Club
The Ruiners Trowbridge House of Coffee 03/07/2009 The Ruiners
Blue Black Hours Atlas Bar 03/07/2009 Blue Black Hours
The Romeo Flynns Jeans 03/07/2009 The Romeo Flynns
The Dirtbombs Knights of Columbus 03/06/2009 The Dirtbombs
Grande Nationals Small's 03/06/2009 Grande Nationals
The High Strung Small's 03/06/2009 The High Strung
The Detroit Pony Express The New Dodge 03/06/2009 The Detroit Pony Express
The Silent Years Knights of Columbus 03/05/2009 The Silent Years
The Decks Paychecks 03/05/2009 The Decks
To The Bat Cave Bar Carbon 03/05/2009  
The Rue Moor Counts The Belmont 03/05/2009 The Rue Moor Counts
SikSik Nation Small's 03/05/2009 SikSik Nation
The Meatmen The Magestic Theatre 03/04/2009 The Meatmen
Outrageous Cherry The Magestic Theatre 03/04/2009 Outrageous Cherry
Silverghost Magic Stick 03/04/2009 Silverghost
The Wrong Numbers The Magestic Theatre 03/04/2009 The Wrong Numbers
The Octopus Magic Stick 03/04/2009 The Octopus
The Gepetto Files The Magestic Theatre 03/04/2009 The Gepetto Files
Child Bite Magic Stick 03/04/2009 Child Bite
Fluent The Magestic Theatre 03/04/2009 Fluent
HUSH The Fillmore Detroit 02/05/2009 HUSH
HotSauce The Fillmore Detroit 02/05/2009 HotSauce
JoCaine The Fillmore Detroit 02/05/2009 JoCaine
Class Three Overbite Small's 01/31/2009 Class Three Overbite
Mega Weedge Small's 01/31/2009 Mega Weedge
The Vamps Small's 01/31/2009 The Vamps
Shaun Wise Small's 01/31/2009 Shaun Wise
The Muggs Magic Bag 01/30/2009 The Muggs
Bluesong Magic Bag 01/30/2009 Bluesong
Magic Shop Magic Bag 01/30/2009 Magic Shop
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