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Local and National Bandlist Oct 2008 - Dec 2008
Pictures Location Date Bandsite
The Hard Lessons Saint Andrews Hall 12/27/2008 The Hard Lessons
Javelins Saint Andrews Hall 12/27/2008 Javelins
The Barrettes Saint Andrews Hall 12/27/2008  
Child Bite Saint Andrews Hall 12/27/2008 Child Bite
My Dear Disco Saint Andrews Hall 12/27/2008 My Dear Disco
Stephen Pearcy The Hayloft 12/06/2008 Stephen Pearcy
Britny Fox The Hayloft 12/06/2008 Britny Fox
Swirl The Hayloft 12/06/2008 Swirl
No Justus The Hayloft 12/06/2008 No Justus
Caution Fog The Hayloft 12/06/2008 Caution Fog
Critical Bill Emerald Theatre 11/27/2008 Critical Bill
BWNN Emerald Theatre 11/27/2008 BWNN
Dismantle Emerald Theatre 11/27/2008 Dismantle
Lies Unknown Emerald Theatre 11/27/2008 Lies Unknown
Core Effect The Hayloft 11/21/2008 Core Effect
The Koffin Kats The Ritz 11/21/2008 The Koffin Kats
Konniption Fit The Ritz 11/21/2008 Konniption Fit
Lies Unknown The Ritz 11/21/2008 Lies Unknown
Bugs Beddow Memphis Smoke 11/11/2008 Bugs Beddow
Dm3 Memphis Smoke 11/11/2008 Dm3
Immunity Memphis Smoke 11/11/2008  
GEQ Memphis Smoke 11/11/2008 GEQ
Lynn LaPlante Memphis Smoke 11/11/2008 Lynn LaPlante
Crud The Ritz 11/01/2008 Crud
Cybertrybe The Ritz 11/01/2008 Cybertrybe
Seven Year Reign The Ritz 11/01/2008 Seven Year Reign
Fillmore Slim The Ritz 11/01/2008 Fillmore Slim
The Muggs The Crofoot 10/30/2008 The Muggs
The Orbitsuns The Crofoot 10/30/2008 The Orbitsuns
60 Second Crush The Crofoot 10/30/2008 60 Second Crush
Powertrane The Crofoot 10/30/2008 Powertrane
Mazinga The Crofoot 10/30/2008 Mazinga
Soul Circus The Crofoot 10/30/2008 Soul Circus
Pillar of Autumn The Crofoot 10/30/2008 Pillar of Autumn
Ray Street Park The Crofoot 10/30/2008 Ray Street Park
Lies Unknown The Crofoot 10/30/2008 Lies Unknown
Overloaded The Crofoot 10/30/2008 Overloaded
Ingray The Crofoot 10/30/2008 Ingray
StellarDrive The Crofoot 10/30/2008 StellarDrive
Smokin Moses The Crofoot 10/30/2008 Smokin Moses
Reverend Righttime The Crofoot 10/30/2008 Reverend Righttime
Paper Street Saints The Crofoot 10/30/2008 Paper Street Saints
OttO Vector The Crofoot 10/30/2008 OttO Vector
DUENDE! The Crofoot 10/30/2008 DUENDE!
Lithium The Crofoot 10/30/2008 Lithium
They Never Sleep Theatre Bizarre 10/25/2008 They Never Sleep
Cult of the Psychic Fetus Theatre Bizarre 10/25/2008 Cult of the Psychic Fetus
Snakeout Theatre Bizarre 10/25/2008 Snakeout
Friends Of Dennis Wilson Theatre Bizarre 10/25/2008 Friends Of Dennis Wilson
F' KE Blood Theatre Bizarre 10/25/2008 F' KE Blood
Freqency 54 TnT's Bar 10/23/2008 Freqency 54
Hill Country Review Small's 10/22/2008 Hill Country Review
Whitey Morgan and the 78's Small's 10/22/2008 Whitey Morgan and the 78's
Critical Bill The Hayloft 10/11/2008 Critical Bill
facture The Hayloft 10/11/2008 facture
Hatch The Hayloft 10/11/2008 Hatch
ARAZI The Hayloft 10/11/2008 ARAZI
KrankNine The Hayloft 10/11/2008 KrankNine
Days Of The New The Hayloft 10/10/2008 Days of the New
Core Effect The Hayloft 10/10/2008 Core Effect
Tyranny The Hayloft 10/10/2008 Tyranny
Babcock The Hayloft 10/10/2008 Babcock
Shotgun Opera The Hayloft 10/10/2008 Shotgun Opera
Joe Satriani Royal Oak Music Theatre 10/09/2008 Joe Satriani
Mountain Royal Oak Music Theatre 10/09/2008 Mountain
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