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Local and National Bandlist Jul 2008 - Sep 2008
Pictures Location Date Bandsite
Dharma Initiative The Ritz 09/26/2008 Dharma Initiative
Mindcandy The Ritz 09/26/2008 Mindcandy
Overloaded The Ritz 09/26/2008 Overloaded
60 Second Crush The Ritz 09/26/2008 60 Second Crush
Crud The Crofoot 09/20/2008 Crud
They Never Sleep The Crofoot 09/20/2008 They Never Sleep
HafLife The Crofoot 09/20/2008 HafLife
The Lovemasters The Crofoot 09/20/2008 The Lovemasters
Car City Callgirls The Crofoot 09/20/2008 Car City Callgirls
Dirty Americans The Crofoot 09/13/2008 Dirty Americans
The Muggs The Crofoot 09/13/2008 The Muggs
JoCaine TnT's Bar 08/23/2008 JoCaine
D'Skreet TnT's Bar 08/23/2008 D'Skreet
Nuroksol TnT's Bar 08/23/2008 Nuroksol
Bad Boy Bill Bleu Room Experience 08/22/2008 Bad Boy Bill
Frequency 54 Emerald Theatre 08/17/2008 Frequency 54
Dangerous Pursuit Emerald Theatre 08/17/2008 Dangerous Pursuit
No Justus Emerald Theatre 08/17/2008 No Justus
Krank Nine Emerald Theatre 08/17/2008 Krank Nine
Extreme Emerald Theatre 08/08/2008 Extreme
King's X Emerald Theatre 08/08/2008 King's X
Pop Evil The Ritz 08/07/2008 Pop Evil
Bad Side Emerald Theatre 08/07/2008 Bad Side
Dangerous Pursuit Emerald Theatre 08/07/2008 Dangerous Pursuit
BlindID Emerald Theatre 08/07/2008 BlindID
Konniption Fit Emerald Theatre 08/07/2008 Konniption Fit
Paper Street Saints The Crofoot 08/01/2008 Paper Street Saints
Schaeffer The Crofoot 08/01/2008 Schaeffer
Pillar of Autumn The Crofoot 08/01/2008 Pillar of Autumn
The Hard Lessons The Crofoot 07/26/2008 The Hard Lessons
American Mars The Crofoot 07/26/2008 American Mars
The Four Hour Friends The Crofoot 07/26/2008 The Four Hour Friends
As I Lay Dying Comerica Park 07/18/2008 As I Lay Dying
Chiodos Comerica Park 07/18/2008 Chiodos
Pennywise Comerica Park 07/18/2008 Pennywise
Reel Big Fish Comerica Park 07/18/2008 Reel Big Fish
Bouncing Souls Comerica Park 07/18/2008 Bouncing Souls
The Devil Wears Prada Comerica Park 07/18/2008 The Devil Wears Prada
The Academy Is... Comerica Park 07/18/2008 The Academy Is...
Greeley Estates Comerica Park 07/18/2008 Greeley Estates
Against Me Comerica Park 07/18/2008 Against Me
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