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Local and National Bandlist Apr 2007 - Jun 2007
Pictures Location Date Bandsite
Soul Circus Club 54 06/21/2007 Soul Circus
The Brian Schram Band Club 54 06/21/2007 The Brian Schram Band
The Unheard Club 54 06/21/2007 The Unheard
Dirty Americans Freedom Hill 06/16/2007 Dirty Americans
The Brian Schram Band Freedom Hill 06/16/2007 The Brian Schram Band
Mindcandy Freedom Hill 06/16/2007 Mindcandy
Ray Street Park Freedom Hill 06/16/2007 Ray Street Park
Paper Street Saints Freedom Hill 06/16/2007 Paper Street Saints
Planet Of Fun Freedom Hill 06/16/2007 Planet Of Fun
The Unheard Freedom Hill 06/16/2007 The Unheard
Soul Circus Freedom Hill 06/16/2007 Soul Circus
Radiocraft Freedom Hill 06/16/2007 Radiocraft
PHX Freedom Hill 06/16/2007 PHX
50¢ Headrush Freedom Hill 06/16/2007 50¢ Headrush
The Snakes Freedom Hill 06/16/2007 The Snakes
The Displays Freedom Hill 06/16/2007 The Displays
The Paybacks Magic Bag 06/01/2007 The Paybacks
Paper Street Saints Magic Bag 06/01/2007 Paper Street Saints
The Marta Complex Magic Bag 06/01/2007 The Marta Complex
Godsmack Fox Theatre 06/01/2007 Godsmack
Overloaded Fox Theatre 06/01/2007 Overloaded
South Normal Magic Bag 05/25/2007 South Normal
The Flask Campus Martius Park 05/25/2007 The Flask
Mitch Ryder Campus Martius Park 05/25/2007 Mitch Ryder
Mindcandy The Dawg House 05/19/2007 Mindcandy
Critical Bill TnT's Bar 05/19/2007 Critical Bill
Broadzilla The Dawg House 05/19/2007 Broadzilla
Soul Circus The Dawg House 05/19/2007 Soul Circus
Stitch The Ritz 05/18/2007 Stitch
Ray Street Park The Ritz 05/18/2007 Ray Street Park
Chaos Theory The Ritz 05/18/2007 Chaos Theory
Banned From Earth The Token Lounge 05/11/2007 Banned From Earth
60 Second Crush The Token Lounge 05/11/2007 60 Second Crush
Not For Sal The Token Lounge 05/11/2007 Not For Sal
Crud The Token Lounge 05/05/2007 Crud
The Universal Temple of Divine Power The Token Lounge 05/05/2007 The Universal Temple of Divine Power
Miss Pussykatt The Token Lounge 05/05/2007 Miss PussyKatt
The Gepetto Files The Token Lounge 05/05/2007 The Gepetto Files
Decibilt The Token Lounge 05/05/2007 Decibilt
Low As I The Token Lounge 05/05/2007 Low As I
The Zimmerman Twins Mickey Finn's Pub 04/27/2007 The Zimmerman Twins
The Muggs Mickey Finn's Pub 04/27/2007 The Muggs
The OffRamps Mickey Finn's Pub 04/27/2007 The OffRamps
The Blue Hook Mickey Finn's Pub 04/27/2007 The Blue Hook
Face Magic Bag 04/20/2007 Face
Kyo Music Hall Center For The Performing Arts 04/13/2007 Kyo
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