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Local and National Bandlist Jan 2007 - Mar 2007
Pictures Location Date Bandsite
The Used Cobo Arena 03/31/2007 The Used
30 Seconds To Mars Cobo Arena 03/31/2007 30 Seconds To Mars
Saosin Cobo Arena 03/31/2007 Saosin
Chiodos Cobo Arena 03/31/2007 Chiodos
Aiden Cobo Arena 03/31/2007 Aiden
Evaline Cobo Arena 03/31/2007 Evaline
Crud The New Dodge 03/10/2007 Crud
Decibilt The New Dodge 03/10/2007 Decibilt
The Displays The New Dodge 03/10/2007 The Displays
The Smashed Windows Knights of Columbus 03/10/2007 The Smashed Windows
Blasternaut Knights of Columbus 03/10/2007 Blasternaut
HiFi Handgrenades Small's 03/09/2007 HiFi Handgrenades
Brave Rifles Small's 03/09/2007 Brave Rifles
Siddhartha Knights of Columbus 03/09/2007 Siddhartha
The Orbitsuns Small's 03/08/2007 The Orbitsuns
The 77's Baker's Streetcar Bar 03/08/2007 The 77's
The Muldoons Knights of Columbus 03/08/2007 The Muldoons
The Drinking Problem Knights of Columbus 03/08/2007  
Eons Knights of Columbus 03/08/2007 Eons
Sea Of Japan Knights of Columbus 03/08/2007 Sea Of Japan
The Royal Affairs Knights of Columbus 03/08/2007 The Royal Affairs
The Muggs Magic Stick 03/07/2007 The Muggs
The Hard Lessons The Magestic Theatre 03/07/2007 The Hard Lessons
The Silent Years Magic Stick 03/07/2007 The Silent Years
The Satin Peaches Magic Stick 03/07/2007 The Satin Peaches
Great Lakes Myth Society The Magestic Theatre 03/07/2007 Great Lakes Myth Society
South Normal Royal Oak Music Theatre 02/24/2007 South Normal
Hellen Royal Oak Music Theatre 02/24/2007 Hellen
Grande Nationals Royal Oak Music Theatre 02/24/2007 Grande Nationals
Alex Winston Royal Oak Music Theatre 02/24/2007 Alex Winston
Stolen Liberty Royal Oak Music Theatre 02/24/2007 Stolen Liberty
60 Second Crush Magic Bag 02/23/2007 60 Second Crush
Chapstik Magic Bag 02/23/2007 Chapstik
The Prime Ministers Magic Bag 02/23/2007 The Prime Ministers
Slave To The Beautiful Magic Bag 02/23/2007 Slave To The Beautiful
Blue Bang Theory Memphis Smoke 02/22/2007 Blue Bang Theory
Crud The Magestic Theatre 02/09/2007 Crud
Miss Pussykatt The Magestic Theatre 02/09/2007 Miss Pussykatt
Haflife The Magestic Theatre 02/09/2007 Haflife
Gepetto Files The Magestic Theatre 02/09/2007 Gepetto Files
Lithium The Magestic Theatre 02/09/2007 Lithium
Dutch Pink The Magestic Theatre 02/09/2007 Dutch Pink
The Brian Schram Band Double Door 01/31/2007 The Brian Schram Band
Warm Ones Double Door 01/31/2007 Warm Ones
The Debauchers Double Door 01/31/2007 The Debauchers
Two Girls Double Door 01/31/2007 Two Girls
Mindcandy The Dawg House 01/31/2007 Mindcandy
Lobby Rats Magic Bag 01/27/2007 Lobby Rats
Novadriver Magic Bag 01/27/2007 Novadriver
St. Thomas Boys Academy Magic Bag 01/27/2007 St. Thomas Boys Academy
The Universal Temple of Divine Power Magic Bag 01/27/2007 The Universal Temple of Divine Power
Bang Tango The Ritz 01/24/2007 Bang Tango
House Of Lords The Ritz 01/24/2007 House Of Lords
The Dropoutz The Ritz 01/24/2007 The Dropoutz
8 Lives Gone The Token Lounge 01/20/2007 8 Lives Gone
60 Second Crush The Token Lounge 01/20/2007 60 Second Crush
Haflife The Token Lounge 01/20/2007 Haflife
Gas Hog The Token Lounge 01/20/2007 Gas Hog
Crud The Blind Pig 01/13/2007 Crud
Throttlebody The Blind Pig 01/13/2007 Throttlebody
Overloaded The Blind Pig 01/13/2007 Overloaded
Spiral Crush The Blind Pig 01/13/2007 Spiral Crush
Alex Winston The Blind Pig 01/13/2007 Alex Winston
The Decks Magic Stick 01/12/2007 The Decks
Grande Nationals Magic Stick 01/12/2007 Grande Nationals
Loretta Lucas Magic Stick 01/12/2007 Loretta Lucas
The Muldoons Magic Stick 01/12/2007 The Muldoons
Dubphonics Magic Stick 01/12/2007 Dubphonics
50¢ Headrush Emerald Theatre 01/11/2007 50¢ Headrush
Ugly Emerald Theatre 01/11/2007 Ugly
The Unheard Emerald Theatre 01/11/2007 The Unheard
Bad Side Emerald Theatre 01/11/2007 Bad Side
South Normal The Ritz 01/05/2007 South Normal
Slave To The Beautiful The Ritz 01/05/2007 Slave To The Beautiful
Second 2 None The Ritz 01/05/2007 Second 2 None
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