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Local and National Bandlist Apr 2006 - Jun 2006
Pictures Location Date Bandsite
The Brian Schram Band Dooleys 06/29/2006 The Brian Schram Band
A Tribute To Marvin Gay Southfield Civic Center 06/25/2006 Retired
The Rendezvous All Stars Southfield Civic Center 06/25/2006 The Rendezvous All Stars
Mindi Abair Southfield Civic Center 06/25/2006 Mindi Abair
Nick Colionne Southfield Civic Center 06/25/2006 Nick Colionne
Norma Jean Bell Southfield Civic Center 06/25/2006 Norma Jean Bell
Incognito Southfield Civic Center 06/24/2006 Incognito
Najee Southfield Civic Center 06/24/2006 Najee
Alexander Zonjic Southfield Civic Center 06/24/2006 Alexander Zonjic
Euge Groove Southfield Civic Center 06/24/2006 Euge Groove
Boney James Southfield Civic Center 06/23/2006 Boney James
Oleta Adams Southfield Civic Center 06/23/2006 Aleta Adams
Brian Culbertson Southfield Civic Center 06/23/2006 Brian Culbertson, Eric Darius
Larry Lee Southfield Civic Center 06/23/2006 Larry Lee and Back In The Day Band
Guster State Theatre 06/18/2006 Guster
A Fire Inside Woodward Stage 06/18/2006 A Fire Inside
Anberlin State Theatre 06/18/2006 Anberlin
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Woodward Stage 06/18/2006 Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Dashboard Confessional Fox Theatre 06/18/2006 Dashboard Confessional
Ashes of Soma State Theatre 06/18/2006 Ashes of Soma
The Stills Woodward Stage 06/18/2006 The Stills
Hawthorn Heights Fox Theatre 06/18/2006 Hawthorn Heights
Mindless Self Indulgence State Theatre 06/18/2006 Mindless Self Indulgence
We Are Scientists Woodward Stage 06/18/2006 We Are Scientists
Love Arcade Fox Theatre 06/18/2006 Love Arcade
Bedouin Soundclash State Theatre 06/18/2006 Bedouin Soundclash
Thousand Foot Krutch Woodward Stage 06/18/2006 Thousand Foot Krutch
Say Anything Fox Theatre 06/18/2006 Say Anything
Kill Hannah Woodward Stage 06/18/2006 Kill Hannah
Rouge Wave Fox Theatre 06/18/2006 Rouge Wave
RockStar Freedom Hill 06/17/2006 RockStar
Jocaine & 75 North Freedom Hill 06/17/2006 Jocaine & 75 North
Shipwreck Union Freedom Hill 06/17/2006 Shipwreck Union
Dirty Americans Freedom Hill 06/17/2006 Dirty Americans
Inviting The Crash Freedom Hill 06/17/2006 Inviting The Crash
The Brian Schram Band Freedom Hill 06/17/2006 The Brian Schram Band
PHX Freedom Hill 06/17/2006 PHX
Mindcandy Freedom Hill 06/17/2006 Mindcandy
The Toledo Show The I-Lounge 06/16/2006 The Toledo Show
The Hard Lessons Magic Bag 06/10/2006 The Hard Lessons
Dead Bodies Magic Bag 06/10/2006 Dead Bodies
Velvet Audio Magic Bag 06/10/2006 Velvet Audio
The Dollfaces Magic Bag 06/10/2006 The Dollfaces
Cuddleslut Theatre Bizarre 06/06/2006 Cuddleslut
Country Bob and the Bloodfarmers Theatre Bizarre 06/06/2006 Country Bob and the Bloodfarmers
Downtown Brown Theatre Bizarre 06/06/2006 Downtown Brown
Crud Bullfrog Bar & Grill 05/26/2006 Crud
Frequency 54 Bullfrog Bar & Grill 05/26/2006 Frequency 54
Deadhouse Bullfrog Bar & Grill 05/26/2006 Deadhouse
The Violent Tradition Bullfrog Bar & Grill 05/26/2006 The Viloent Tradition
Mindcandy The Dawg House 05/20/2006 Mindcandy
60 Second Crush The Dawg House 05/20/2006 60 Second Crush
Disown TnT's Bar 05/20/2006 Disown
Killer Flamingos Fifth Avenue Ballroom 05/11/2006 Killer Flamingos
Thursday Saint Andrews Hall 05/10/2006 Thursday
Minus The Bear Saint Andrews Hall 05/10/2006 Minus The Bear
Me Without You Saint Andrews Hall 05/10/2006 Me Without You
Were All Broken Saint Andrews Hall 05/10/2006 Retired
Soil Hayloft Liquor Stand 05/08/2006 Soil
Core Effect Hayloft Liquor Stand 05/08/2006 Core Effect
Mindcandy Hayloft Liquor Stand 05/08/2006 Mindcandy
Facture Hayloft Liquor Stand 05/08/2006 Facture
Overloaded Hayloft Liquor Stand 05/08/2006 Overloaded
Jody Raffoul The Shelter 05/06/2006 Jody Raffoul
Ryan Ladell The Shelter 05/06/2006 Ryan Ladell
Haflife Belmont 05/05/2006 Haflife
Kathy Valentine Royal Oak Music Theatre 05/05/2006 Kathey Valentine
Detroit Women Royal Oak Music Theatre 05/05/2006 Detroit Women
Mydols Royal Oak Music Theatre 05/05/2006 Mydols
Candy Band Royal Oak Music Theatre 05/05/2006 Candy Band
Seven Letters Magic Bag 04/29/2006 Seven Letters
Blind Shame Magic Bag 04/29/2006 Blind Shame
Inviting The Crash Magic Bag 04/29/2006 Inviting The Crash
South Normal Magic Bag 04/28/2006 South Normal
Novadriver Magic Bag 04/28/2006 Novadriver
Hotness Magic Bag 04/28/2006 Hotness
Vitamin V Magic Bag 04/28/2006 Vitamin V
Crud Emerald Theatre 04/27/2006 Crud
Big B & The Magic Bullets Memphis Smoke 04/27/2006 Big B & the Magic Bullets
Mindcandy The Dawg House 04/21/2006 Mindcandy
Zuby Memphis Smoke 04/19/2006 Zuby
Suicide City Clutch Cargos 04/17/2006 Suicide City
Bump The Magestic Theatre 04/14/2006 Bump
West Indian Girl The Magestic Theatre 04/14/2006 West Indian Girl
Matt Keil Band The Magestic Theatre 04/14/2006 Matt Keil Band
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