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Local and National Bandlist Oct 2005 - Dec 2005
Pictures Location Date Bandsite
The Brian Schram Band Skinnys 12/31/2005 The Brian Schram Band
Mindcandy The Dawg House 12/31/2005 Mindcandy
Howling Diablos Royal Oak Music Theatre 12/31/2005 Howling Diablos
The Reefermen Royal Oak Music Theatre 12/31/2005 The Reefermen
Woodward Royal Oak Music Theatre 12/31/2005 Woodward
ABK Hayloft Liquor Stand 12/31/2005 ABK
Lavel Hayloft Liquor Stand 12/31/2005 Lavel
Billy Davis's Rhythm Machine Memphis Smoke 12/26/2005 Billy Davis's Rhythm Machine
Blues Infusion Memphis Smoke 12/26/2005 Retired
The Bluescasters Memphis Smoke 12/26/2005 The Bluescasters
Big B & The Magic Bullets Memphis Smoke 12/26/2005 Big B & The Magic Bullets
The Flask Magic Bag 12/22/2005 The Flask
Dirty Americans Magic Bag 12/22/2005 Dirty Americans
Broadzilla Magic Bag 12/22/2005 Broadzilla
Shinedown Harpos Concert Theatre 12/16/2005 Shinedown
Silvertide Harpos Concert Theatre 12/16/2005 Silvertide
Halestorm Harpos Concert Theatre 12/16/2005 Halestorm
Crud Alvin's 12/10/2005 Crud
Brain Saw Alvin's 12/10/2005 Brain Saw
Troubleman Alvin's 12/10/2005 Troubleman
Seduce Emerald Theatre 12/09/2005 Seduce
PHX Emerald Theatre 12/09/2005 PHX
Frankridge Bomber Emerald Theatre 12/09/2005 Frankridge Bomber
Left For Dead Emerald Theatre 12/09/2005 Left For Dead
Vanilla Ice Hayloft Liquor Stand 12/03/2005 Vanilla Ice
Tech N9ne Hayloft Liquor Stand 12/03/2005 Tech N9ne
Critical Bill Hayloft Liquor Stand 12/03/2005 Critical Bill
Overloaded Fifth Avenue Downtown 12/02/2005 Overloaded
Clear Fifth Avenue Downtown 12/02/2005 Clear
Duk Butter Fifth Avenue Downtown 12/02/2005 Duk Butter
Mindcandy Fifth Avenue Downtown 12/02/2005 Mindcandy
My Machine Fifth Avenue Downtown 12/02/2005 My Machine
Eliza Neals Club Bart 11/28/2005 Eliza Neals
Smokestack The Magestic Theatre 11/23/2005 Smokestack
Bump The Magestic Theatre 11/23/2005 Bump
Huckleberry Groove The Magestic Theatre 11/23/2005 Huckleberry Groove
Jam Samich The Magestic Theatre 11/23/2005 Jam Samich
Jon Anderson Royal Oak Music Theatre 11/21/2005 Jon Anderson
Quiet Riot Hayloft Liquor Stand 11/18/2005 Quiet Riot
The Madonna Brothers Hayloft Liquor Stand 11/18/2005 The Madonna Brothers
Mourning Sun Hayloft Liquor Stand 11/18/2005 Mourning Sun
Pain Inc. Hayloft Liquor Stand 11/18/2005 Retired
Krescent 4 Emerald Theatre 11/17/2005 Krescent 4
Arizing Emerald Theatre 11/17/2005 Retired
Jettared Emerald Theatre 11/17/2005 Jettared
Sleep Tight Tiger Emerald Theatre 11/17/2005 Sleep Tight Tiger
Pillar Of Autumn Emerald Theatre 11/17/2005 Pillar Of Autumn
Tech N9ne Hayloft Liquor Stand 11/13/2005 Tech N9ne
Critical Bill Hayloft Liquor Stand 11/13/2005 Critical Bill
Zug Izland Hayloft Liquor Stand 11/13/2005 Zug Izland
Potluck Hayloft Liquor Stand 11/13/2005 Potluck
Crud The Token Lounge 11/12/2005 Crud
Ray Street Park The Token Lounge 11/12/2005 Ray Street Park
Vanity Supercharger The Token Lounge 11/12/2005 Vanity Supercharger
Rik Emmett Hayloft Liquor Stand 11/11/2005 Rik Emmett
PHX Hayloft Liquor Stand 11/11/2005 PHX
Cold Shot Hayloft Liquor Stand 11/11/2005 Retired
King's X Magic Bag 11/06/2005 King's X
Mardo Magic Bag 11/06/2005 Mardo
Space Nelson Magic Bag 11/06/2005 Space Nelson
Don Dokken Hayloft Liquor Stand 11/05/2005 Don Dokken
Jani Lane Hayloft Liquor Stand 11/05/2005 Jani Lane
Firehouse Hayloft Liquor Stand 11/05/2005 Firehouse
Stephen Pearcy Hayloft Liquor Stand 11/05/2005 Stephen Pearcy
Kip Winger Hayloft Liquor Stand 11/05/2005 Kip Winger
Veruca Salt Hayloft Liquor Stand 11/04/2005 Veruca Salt
The Lovemakers Hayloft Liquor Stand 11/04/2005 The Lovemakers
Porselain Hayloft Liquor Stand 11/04/2005 Retired
Dig Jelly Hayloft Liquor Stand 11/04/2005 Dig Jelly
My Machine Hayloft Liquor Stand 11/04/2005 My Machine
Vigilante Sidekicks Emerald Theatre 10/30/2005 Vigilante Sidekicks
Quixotic Emerald Theatre 10/30/2005 Quixotic
Vince Everett Emerald Theatre 10/30/2005 Retired
Elastic Snowflake Emerald Theatre 10/30/2005 Elastic Snowflake
Melt Emerald Theatre 10/30/2005 Melt
Cassidy Layne and the Playboys Emerald Theatre 10/30/2005 Retired
Killer Flamingos Emerald Theatre 10/30/2005 Killer Flamingos
South Normal Magic Bag 10/28/2005 South Normal
Ugly Magic Bag 10/28/2005 Ugly
Radiocraft Magic Bag 10/28/2005 Radiocraft
Hellen Magic Bag 10/28/2005 Hellen
The Brian Schram Band Dooleys 10/27/2005 The Brian Schram Band
Bret Michaels Hayloft Liquor Stand 10/22/2005 Bret Michaels
Liquid Reality Hayloft Liquor Stand 10/22/2005 Liquid Reality
RockStar Hayloft Liquor Stand 10/22/2005 RockStar
The Brian Schram Band Hayloft Liquor Stand 10/22/2005 The Brian Schram Band
Seven Letters Magic Bag 10/21/2005 Seven Letters
Killer Flamingos Magic Bag 10/21/2005 Killer Flamingos
BandB Magic Bag 10/21/2005 BandB
The Transfer Magic Bag 10/21/2005 The Transfer
Mindcandy Magic Bag 10/14/2005 Mindcandy
Overloaded Magic Bag 10/14/2005 Overloaded
My Machine Magic Bag 10/14/2005 My Machine
Hush Emerald Theatre 10/09/2005 Hush
Black Magic Crossing Emerald Theatre 10/09/2005 Retired
Critical Bill Emerald Theatre 10/09/2005 Critical Bill
Radiocraft Emerald Theatre 10/09/2005 Radiocraft
I Own The Secrets Hayloft Liquor Stand 10/09/2005 Retired
The Brian Schram Band Hayloft Liquor Stand 10/09/2005 The Brian Schram Band
My Machine Hayloft Liquor Stand 10/09/2005 My Machine
Rust Hayloft Liquor Stand 10/09/2005 Rust
Joe & Jezter Hayloft Liquor Stand 10/09/2005 Joe & Jezter
EOS Hayloft Liquor Stand 10/09/2005 EOS
Hugo and Kevin (Tantric) Clutch Cargos 10/07/2005 Hugo and Kevin (Tantric)
NooMoon Tribe Clutch Cargos 10/07/2005 NooMoon Tribe
60 Second Crush Clutch Cargos 10/07/2005 60 Second Crush
Mini Kiss Clutch Cargos 10/07/2005 Mini Kiss
Frankridge Bomber TnT's Bar 10/06/2005 Frankridge Bomber
Revelation Theory TnT's Bar 10/06/2005 Revelation Theory
My Machine TnT's Bar 10/06/2005 My Machine
Devouring End TnT's Bar 10/06/2005 Retired
Ten Tragic TnT's Bar 10/06/2005 Ten Tragic
Facture TnT's Bar 10/06/2005 Facture
Stryper Hayloft Liquor Stand 10/01/2005 Stryper
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