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Local and National Bandlist Jan 2005 - Mar 2005
Pictures Location Date Bandsite
Silvertide I-Rock Night Club 03/27/2005 Silvertide
The Brian Schram Band I-Rock Night Club 03/27/2005 The Brian Schram Band
Tyranny Emerald Theatre 03/24/2005 Tyranny
Mystik Emerald Theatre 03/24/2005 Mystik
Smarties Emerald Theatre 03/24/2005 Smarties
RA Hayloft Liquor Stand 03/22/2005 RA
My Machine Hayloft Liquor Stand 03/22/2005 My Machine
White Lion Hayloft Liquor Stand 03/19/2005 White Lion
Overloaded Hayloft Liquor Stand 03/19/2005 Overloaded
Enuff 'Z Nuff Hayloft Liquor Stand 03/19/2005 Enuff 'Z Nuff
Slunt Hayloft Liquor Stand 03/19/2005 Slunt
The Brian Schram Band Hayloft Liquor Stand 03/19/2005 The Brian Schram Band
The Brian Schram Band Memphis Smoke 03/18/2005 The Brian Schram Band
Space Nelson Magic Bag 03/12/2005 Space Nelson
Blind Shame Magic Bag 03/12/2005 Blind Shame
Civillians Magic Bag 03/12/2005 Civillians
Too Blue Feet Memphis Smoke 03/10/2005  
Mindcandy Belmont 03/05/2005 Mindcandy
60 Second Crush Belmont 03/05/2005 60 Second Crush
Soot Jeans 03/05/2005 Soot
Troubleman Jeans 03/05/2005 Troubleman
Soot Effigy Studios 02/19/2005 Soot CD Release Party
AJ Lovefest Magic Bag 02/14/2005  
Jim McCarty & Mystery Train Memphis Smoke 02/12/2005 Jim McCarty & Mystery Train
Regular Boys Memphis Smoke 02/11/2005 Regular Boys
The Hips Roger's Roost 02/04/2005  
Alligators Memphis Smoke 02/04/2005 The Alligators
Bella Red Memphis Smoke 02/03/2005 Retired
Joe Anthony Memphis Smoke 01/30/2005 Joe Anthony
Proxi Memphis Smoke 01/30/2005 Proxi
Blind Shame Memphis Smoke 01/30/2005 Blind Shame
Natives of the New Dawn Memphis Smoke 01/30/2005 Natives of the New Dawn
Liz Larin Memphis Smoke 01/21/2005 Liz Larin
Orbitsuns Memphis Smoke 01/19/2005 Orbitsuns
The Reefermen Fifth Avenue Billiards 01/18/2005 The Reefermen
Joce'lyn B Memphis Smoke 01/15/2005 Joce'lyn B
The Hips House Of Shamrock 01/14/2005 The Hips
The Brian Schram Band Memphis Smoke 01/14/2005 The Brian Schram Band
Chef Chris Memphis Smoke 01/08/2005 Chef Chris
Li'l Stubby and the Disappointments Memphis Smoke 01/07/2005 Li'l Stubby and the Disappointments
The Brian Schram Band Alvin's 01/06/2005 The Brian Schram Band
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